About Dorset

Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour is the estuary of several rivers, the largest of these being the River Frome. The harbour area is extremely shallow with an average depth of just 48cm, with one main dredged channel through the harbour providing access to the various passenger, cargo and pleasure boats and ships.
Poole Harbour is often referred to as the worlds largest natural harbour, although this claim is often disputed by Cork Harbour in Ireland and Halifax Habor in Canada.
The harbour is also home to several small islands, the largest of which being Brownsea Castle which is managed by the National Trust. The other islands include Furzey Island, Green Island, Long Island, Round Island, Giggis Island, Drove Island and Pergins Island (although this is technically in the area known as oles Bay, whichis techinically seperate from Poole Harbour.

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